Seize This Moment

I leave for retreat today. One month in silence at Insight Meditation Society, in the snowy woods of central Massachusetts. This will be the longest retreat I have done, and a deep dive into my personal exploration.

I'm continually humbled by the courage it takes to thoroughly explore, to see things through, to go all-in. But as the fleeting-ness of life becomes more apparent, so too does my commitment to engaging fully.

So I'll say to you what I've been saying to myself: Seize this moment. As much as you can bear. Tell yourself you're lucky. Tell yourself whatever you are doing is wonderful. Live without regret, not because you succeeded, not because you did it perfectly, but because you fully tried.

I wish you an explosively fulfilling month. I hope you get everything you want. Read on below for two terrific and complementary new class series which will begin in March...

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