One-on-One Mentoring is an ongoing relationship to help you establish, focus or deepen your meditation practice. Like two travelers examining a map together, we will explore your challenges and goals and come up with mindfulness-based approaches to support you in getting where you want to go. The conversation takes place over text, phone, e-mail, and Skype/FaceTime and I aim to make myself as available as possible so there isn't a sense of time-scarcity as issues arise.

Ideally, a mentoring relationship turns obstacles into opportunities. There are so many ways to practice but a few specific, well-honed techniques can bring new insight into old difficulties and empower you to meet your life in more fulfilling ways.

If you're interested in more information about mentoring, contact me to schedule an appointment. We can discuss your practice and your goals, and determine if mentoring makes sense for you.


Mentoring includes:

  • Bi-weekly or weekly scheduled Skype/FaceTime sessions
  • Unlimited communication between sessions
  • Ongoing support through customized guided meditation recordings and text-based resources

Additional Information

Mentoring is a monthly subscription-based service. When you first sign up for one-on-one mentoring, I suggest committing to connect for three months. This will give us a chance to establish a language for working together, and an initial practice strategy. It can be useful to keep a meditation journal during this time, so that when questions arise during practice you'll have a system of keeping track of them.

After three months, feel free to adjust the frequency of communication so that it works for you—whether that means connecting weekly, bi-weekly or simply scheduling appointments one at a time as you feel the need.

It's very important to me that one-on-one support is available to anyone, regardless of ability to pay. I always reserve free mentoring slots in my schedule for this reason. If you're curious about this, or have any other questions about mentoring, please contact me.