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Hi, I'm Jason. I'm a musician, a dancer, a music editor, and notably, a long-time mindfulness meditator and sometimes teacher. I created this website to provide resources for anyone wishing to use mindfulness to live a more fulfilling life.

I'm not actively updating the site right now, because I've redirected energy to releasing music (my artist name is RYTERBAND - link here, if you're curious). That said, the site will stay up, and I'm still reachable through the contact form. Enjoy!

Mindfulness is a set of three attentional skills—concentration, clarity, and equanimity—which have wide-ranging psychological, productivity and health benefits. They are most often cultivated through the practice of meditation.
The basic idea is this: learn to concentrate your attention on the present moment with high clarity and low resistance and you can change the way you experience life for the better.


Here are some resources to help you start or deepen your practice.

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Find out about class offerings in the Los Angeles area, and on the web.

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Personal Guidance

Learn more about one-on-one mentoring opportunities.

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