Independence Day 2016

I dedicate this Independence Day to our interdependence.

Let this be a celebration of the healthy ways we need each other. Our well-met needs give us the strength to venture out in the world. Let this be a celebration of each other's independence—holding one another with open hands so that in being free to explore, our friends, lovers, and children are free to come home. Let this be a celebration of the ways we navigate relationship. A celebration of setting clear boundaries. Acknowledging needs for space and closeness.

Let this be a celebration of love—love for ourselves that allows us to love others, and the even more fundamental love from others that teaches us what self-love looks like. Our independence is based on, rooted in, and fueled by the love we receive. Let's commit to being reliable anchors and home bases for the people we love, celebrating their gifts and explorations so that they can show up fully and beautifully in their lives.

Let this be a celebration of the earth and our dependence on it. A respect for the finite gifts it provides. A celebration of the infinite web of actions, conditions and contributions that bring us a meal, a hot shower, a hug, a song, a smile, each next breath.

Truly, our dependencies are limitless. My hope for myself and others is that we can seize our independence, today and always, to live in a way that gives back to a world on which we deeply depend.

Photo credit: Zinavarta, DeviantArt

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