The Trouble With Clinging

The trouble with clinging is, the person who’s clinging is the same person who is trying to get free.  That person will be clingy about getting free.  Fixated about getting un-fixated.  If he/she WASN’T, he/she would be free.

So in emotion land–we’re sad about being sad, we’re happy about being happy, we’re be mad about being mad, we’re scattered about being scattered.  Clinging is the perpetuator.  Like an echo chamber.  That’s why the only medicine is letting go.  The de-perpetuator.  The un-fixated.  The non-resonating.  The non-feeding back.  The non-doing.

Sometimes I think about it this way–it’s the not-ok-ness.  When we’re in not-ok-ness, we’re not ok with it.  When we’re ok, we’re ok with being ok.  So how do we get out of not-ok-ness?  Be ok with it!

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