No One Turned Away

_MG_5969 - Version 3For millennia, meditation teachings have been freely offered. Those who want to learn face no financial barrier to entry, and those who teach are supported, fed, clothed, etc. by their students and the communities in which they live, on a donation basis. In Buddhist cultures, these donations are called dana.

In western societies, there isn't the same cultural agreement between teachers and their communities. The vast majority of meditation teachers in the west can't support themselves financially through dana alone, and choose to either charge for their teachings, rely on secondary employment, or both.

Although I generally teach a secular form of mindfulness, it's very important to me to honor the dana tradition and make my support available to everyone, regardless of financial means. In order to stay afloat, I've chosen to combine the dana system with a charge-based one. If you can afford to pay for a class or series, I humbly ask that you pay at the highest level you can afford. If you cannot afford to pay the minimum cost of a class or series, please contribute what you can (even if that is zero), and know that you are more than welcome.

My hope is that those with means will end up covering the cost of those without, and in so doing, we will collectively maintain a strong and solvent community. This is the same model which has been adopted by the two organizations I work with most - CompassionLA and Against The Stream.

To sign up for a class without charging a card, or to donate in cash when you arrive, please contact me directly and I will be happy to add you to the RSVP list.