Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence – Half-Day Retreat – 3/11

Date: Saturday, March 11
Time: 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Location: Against The Stream - 1001a Colorado Ave., Santa Monica
Cost: Sliding Scale $30-60 - no one turned away for lack of funds

If you've been exploring meditation for a while, you've probably heard about retreats. During a retreat, a meditator will set aside their normal life/responsibilities/technology to commit to a monastery-style routine of simplicity and intensive practice (usually with trusted teachers, in a beautiful setting, for somewhere between 3 and 10 days). Consecutive days of consistent meditation in a serene environment like this can completely revolutionize the way a person experiences meditation—and life. Personally, attending a retreat was the thing that finally pushed me over the hump from being an on-and-off meditator to being a committed, daily practitioner.

If you've never sat longer than 30 minutes, jumping into a retreat can seem intimidating. Saturday, March 11th, get your feet wet with a half-day of retreat style practice! This is a terrific way to get a bite-sized taste of the flow of retreat—especially if you've never attended one before. We'll alternate periods of sitting and walking, short talks, and time for Q&A. Don't worry—most meditations will only be 30 minutes. The longest will be 45. And you're welcome to sit in a chair, on a cushion, or both.

In this half-day session, you will...
  • Dip out of your ordinary life and into the stillness of a retreat-like environment.
  • Practice the basic tools in the Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence toolkit.
  • Experience the mounting benefits of calm, concentration, and connectedness that come with continuous practice.
At the end of the retreat, you will receive a set of guided meditations covering the practices we learn, as well as a recording of the retreat for your review.
Beginners welcome. No prior retreat experience required.


If you're out of town (or just too cozy to leave your living room) you can join us live on YouTube!
Register at the link above, and you'll have access to the live-stream as well as in-person admission.