Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence I – Online Course

In the age of technology and logic, pharmaceuticals and quick-fixes, it's all too easy to believe that we can think our way out of life’s problems. But underneath the thinking mind is a system far more fundamental and far more powerful. The seat of emotions: the limbic brain.

This feeling system is continuously governing what we can and cannot do. We move through life bounded within the walls of this invisible emotional container, and its limits are largely fixed from childhood.

The rigidity of this system explains why challenging relationship patterns tend to repeat over and over again, cravings and addictions are incredibly difficult to beat, incessant repetitive thinking often seems unmanageable, and anger or anxiety can be a constant, unwanted companion.

Mindfulness is a uniquely powerful intervention.

Join me for an 8-part online training diving deep into the rich world of emotional intelligence. In this course, you will…

  • Learn how to transcend rumination and repetitive thinking.
  • Expand your capacity to manage stress.
  • Deepen your relationships by cultivating empathy and compassion.
  • Find relief from cravings and addictive patterns.
  • Explore how your relationship to emotions is limiting your freedom.
  • Empower yourself with tools to live authentically.

Training Includes:

  • Eight 90-minute classes via video or MP3 - proceed at your own pace, wherever you are.
  • Downloadable guided meditation recordings to accompany each class.
  • Text-based instructions and resources.
  • Unlimited facilitator access as-needed. Yup, that means you can reach out to me as much as you like!
Training Fee: $160
Suitable for all levels of experience.