Cultivating Concentration Workshop 2015/09

Dates: Sunday 9/20 - 9:00am - 12:30pm
Location: The Well-Baby Center | 12316 Venice Blvd, Mar Vista (map it).
Fee: Offered freely. Donations accepted.

The formal practice of concentration is sort of like the perfect cup of coffee—it naturally lifts your mood, reduces stress, and focuses your mind.

Concentration is a great support to a meditation practice, and its benefits reach far out into daily life.

Come chill out and drop in with me THIS SUNDAY MORNING, and learn this very simple and effective practice.

All levels of experience are welcome. Donation only. Click the button above to RSVP. I should note that although animals are featured in the picture, this workshop is for HUMANS.

Read on for a much more detailed pitch… 🙂

Our world is filled with distractions. Mobile devices demand our attention throughout the day. Unfinished work and personal business keeps us up at night. Studies show that people spend nearly half their time thinking about one thing while doing another, and this sort of divided attention is proven to reduce happiness.

We want to be present. We want to live in the now. But how? In our chaotic world, staying present starts with concentration: the ability to focus the mind. Whether in meditation or in life, at work or at play, concentration is the foundation of our ability to stay in the present moment. It is the core skill which allows us to apply our attention where we want, when we want, and keep it there.

Join me for a half-day workshop exploring the topic of concentration.
  • You will learn a simple, powerful skill which focuses your mind.
  • You will discover the intrinsic peace and happiness that arises from concentration.
  • You will be empowered to use concentration in the service of greater productivity in your life.

The workshop will feature several periods of guided meditation, and time for group discussion. A post-workshop one-on-one Skype check-in will be provided to each participant, and the audio recording will be made available.

If you have an ongoing mindfulness practice, honing your concentration will support your practice. Concentration is also a perfect place to start for first-time meditators, and beginners are welcome.