Do you wish you meditated more?

Can't find the time? Can't establish a routine? Perhaps this will help...

Over the last few weeks, I've put together a free, 7-Day Downloadable Mindfulness Course, which I'm giving away to all subscribers of my newsletter. Consider it a thank you for joining me on this journey, sharing your experience, and supporting my livelihood through attending classes, mentoring with me, etc.

The course is simple: each morning, you'll receive an email with...

– A 10-15 minute, downloadable guided meditation recording
– Written instructions for review
– An additional link or article pertaining to that day's meditation

You'll also receive access to a 14 minute video where I lay out a few broad frameworks to help you understand mindfulness. All in all, the course is a light, easy way to support and deepen your practice.

To sign up, enter your name and email address below. If you aren't already subscribed to my newsletter, the sign up form will sign you up for that as well, and you'll receive emails from me a few times a month, with mindfulness links, articles, and class announcements (both online and in LA).


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